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Administration Office


    Information Technology Centre (ITC) in UTHM, was formerly known as Computer Centre. It started its operations in December 1994. In the beginning of the establishment, the functions of the computer center is focused on providing computing services for staff and students as the IT user, but now the ITC has widen its services to cover all related aspects to ICT infostructure and infrastructure for the whole University including the strategic ICT planning for the university. The services provided not only limited to the students and staff but also to the local community around Parit Raja area.

    ITC always keen to help to the University in providing efficient services to the students and staff that includes online applications and systems, Internet access including WiFi, computer labs, among many others.

    There are three (3) Divisions in the Information Technology Center:

    1. Infostructure Division

    a. Application Development Unit

    b. Graphics & Multimedia Unit

    c. Application Maintenance Unit

    d. Web & Training Unit

    e. Supporting/PTJ Application Unit 


    2. Infrastructure Division 

    a. IT Security

    b. Data Center Unit

    c. Networking Unit

    d. Technical Support Unit

    e. Centralized ICT Facilities Unit 


    3. Administration 

    a. Administration Unit

    b. Financial Unit



    Making the ITC as an ICT consultant, leading in providing the ICT infrastructure and  infostructure.



    Committed to leading the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services that aligned with the realization of the vision and mission of the University.


    Objective Quality of Pusat Teknologi Maklumat UTHM  

    • Reach 80% of application development every year to improve the quality of services in parallel with university digitalisation
    • Execution of ICT training completed 100% as planned yearly including self learning to all campus personnel
    • Provide internet access that reach up to 99.7% of coverage yearly by the internet service provider
    • All complaint ticket must be resolved within 3 working day at 100% rate
    • Ensure a minimum of 60% wifi coverage within Parit Raja, Pagoh and Tanjung Laboh campus
  • The function of PTM's administrative department are to plan, develop, execute and manage public acts in term of human resource, staff, finance, economy, organization and also responsible in managing IT security.
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    PTM UTHM organization chart


    Question 1: How and how long will it take to book the use of the PTM Meeting Room?

    Answer: Applicants should contact the Administration  Unit at 07-453 7246 for reservations at least 3 days before the date of the meeting (subject to availability).

     Question 2: How does the paperwork send to the University ICT Committee or paperwork  to provide workshops / courses / briefings approval? 

    Answer: Complete paperwork should be submitted to the Administration Unit at least 7  working days before the date of the meeting. Paperwork should be submitted in soft copy and hard copy for documentation purposes.


    Question 3: How and how long will it take to book the use of the PTM Meeting Room? 

    Answer: The applicant should contact the Administration Unit 07-453 7246 for reservations at least 3 days before the date of the meeting (subject to availability). 

    Question 4: How and how long will it take for PTM meeting refreshment reservation approval? 

    Answer: The applicant must fill out the refreshment reservation form and send the form to Administration Unit  for reservations at least 3 days before the date of the meeting for financial approval.



    Question 1: What are the application procedures for the use of the Petty Cash? 

    Answer: The applicant must submit the application form to the Finance Unit for approval at least 3 days prior to the acquisition. 

    Question 2: How long does the claim for payment process be made? 

    Answer: Staff travel claims payment process will be processed within 14 days after all complete documents are received by the Finance Unit. 

    Question 3: What should I do before the travel claim form is submitted to the Finance Unit? 

    Answer: The applicant must ensure all documents are applied online (checklist of staff travel claim form (BEN / UPY / 004) is completed and verified before being sent to the Finance Unit. 

    Question 4: How can I know that claim application has been paid? 

    Answer: Each applicant will receive a notification by email once payment is made. Staff can also make inquiries by referring to Treasurer's Office. 

    Question 5: How can a checking status be made? 

    Answer: Please visit the following website and click on 'Supplier Payment Inquiry' under the Online Applications category.  

    Question 6: How long does it take to process payment for supplier / company billing claims? 

    Answer: The payment process will be executed within 14 days from the date the document is fully received and confirmed purchase or acquisition.