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Application Development (UPA)

  • About Us

    Application Development Unit (UPA) is a unit that has been establish to develop system for UTHM community that covers various university management functions. Development of the system consists of the development of new systems and modules, upgrading existing systems and modules as well as the maintenance of existing systems and modules. The development team is randomly selected developers to develop, improve and maintain multiple systems and modules and is not focused on one system only.

    Development Tool and Technology
    • Codeigniter, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery
    • Powerbuilder, SQL
    • Oracle, MySql
    • Starteam, Appeon
  • Function

    1. Carry out feasibility study for new system applications and system modules requirements.

    2. Plan and design system application development which includes:
      i.  System application design;
      ii. Selection of technology/platform and programming language;
      iii. Database structure design.

    3. Planning system applications development strategies include:
      i.  Management of the program code centralised and integrated (version control);
      ii. Programming (coding);
      iii.Testing Units.

    4. Coordinate and implement a quality assurance process to enhance the quality level of application software developed that includes:
      i.System Testing;
      ii.System Integration testing;
      iii.User acceptance testing (UAT).

    5. Planning, designing and implementing the improvement of existing system application requirement.

  • Organizational Chart


    Upa chart

  • FAQ

    Q1. I want to apply an application system, what should I do?
    A1. System owner must fill up the application form (PTM/UPA/001) complete with process workflow and submit the completed form to Pusat Teknologi Maklumat.

    Q2. Do support or training provided after the completion of the system development?
    A2. Yes, all trainings must be thru system owner.

    Q3. What should I do if I have problem exist while using TCIS?
    A3. Please contact 7292 / 7295.

    Q4. If there is a problem during the use of the system, with whom should you contact?
    A4. If the problem is regarding the system functionality, please refer to the system owner.

    Q5. If there is a technical problem during the use of the system, with whom should you contact?
    A5. Please contact 7292 / 7295 or System Developer