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Application Supervision (USA)

  • Who are we?

    We are the unit that being accounted to design, develop & maintain the 2 anchor system for the University. These are the applications :-

    1). Sistem Maklumat Pelajar - SMP
    2). Sistem Maklumat Staf - SMS

    From those 2 main systems comes bundles of other applications and sub applications. We are commited serving our best. We strive to ensure the availability and integrity of our applications & datas.

    • The team that resposible for maintaining records for Students of UTHM. Our main app ported on TCIS and ready to function 24 by 7. In brief these are our existing modules and process :-
      1. Student Records
      2. - Intake, Biodata
        - Residental, Student Welfare
      3. Student Financial Records
      4. - Charges & Payments
        - Scholarship Data & Process
      5. Examination
      6. - Examination & Results, Senat
      7. Graduation
      8. - Convocation Registration
        - Audit & Senat.
      9. Disciplinary
      10. SMAP - Student Online Portal
      11. - Biodata & Sponsorship
        - Course Registration, Credit Exemption & Industrial Training
        - Course Performance & Examination Details
        - Financial Statement
        - Granduation Audit
        - Residential & Vehicle Record.
    • The team that being responsible to maintain an application that known as iSMS - (internet) Sistem Maklumat Staf. The application is ported on TCIS, In brief these are the details :-
      1. Staff Records
      2. - Biodata, Warrant, Admission
        - Professional Records, Certificate
      3. Emolumen
      4. - Payroll Process, Bonus, BKK
        - Salary Scales & Increment
      5. Staff Loans
      6. Services
      7. - Asset Declarations
        - Promotion
      8. Disciplinary
      9. Service Book (Buku KP)
  • We have the responsibility to ensure our systems and applications follows the blue print of ITC.

    So, What do we do?

    1. We do many processes...
    We execute scripts, functions, procedures. Intake process, Result Generation, Payroll Processing are the some could be mention.

    2. We Code..
    Logic, Syntax for our applications. Debug, Trace

    2. We care & protect our data
    Data massaging, reports and making sure that the data is 100% correct.

    What are we expert in?

    1. Table Design
    Primary / Foreign Key, Indexing, Data Integrity.

    2. SQL
    Oracle, MySQL, SQLAnywhere

    3. Programming
    Yup, we loves codings. Powerbuilder 12 (TCIS) and php (code igniter)

  • USA chart

    • What you need to know? Here's are some of them :-
      1. I am a UTHM Staff, where can i view my biodata?
      Login to TCIS,, with email ID & Password, head to UIS (User Information System). From the treemenu expand PERKHIDMATAN, then select the desired data to view.

      2. Help Me! I can't login neither TCIS or my email
      Contact our helpdesk to check for email login, ext : 7292/7295

      3. I cannot load TCIS to the browser / no login screen
      Please use Edge/IE Browser and accept all the installation requirement.

      4. What are the TCIS requirements?
      TCIS only runs on Windows Environment. When asked, please install and run (one time only) the plugin needed to run TCIS. TCIS doesnt run on mobile.

    • What you need to know? Here's are some of them :-
      1. I am a UTHM Student, where can i view my biodata?
      Login to SMAP, with email ID & Password given as a registered student. Here's the link->

      2. I want to Access Wifi
      Student can freely use wifi within the campus area, For further information, Contact Helpdesk ext : 7292 / 7295

      3. As a Student, I want to view my debt...
      Login to SMAP and click Student Account from Navigation Menu.