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Application Support (UAS)

  • About Us

    Application Support Unit (UAS) is a newly setup unit with the main purpose of developing common applications ("aplikasi gunasama") for the whole campus.

    UAS is also tasked with maintaining existing common applications systems. Some of application were purchased off-the-shelf and others were developed using our own internal expertise.

    Please contact UAS at ext. 7254 or call PTM's Helpdesk if you have any enquiries about our service.
  • Function

    The main function of UAS unit is as follows:
    • Carry out feasibility study for new common application requirements.
    • Develop new common application for the entire campus community's usage.
    • Support and maintain existing common applications including it's hardware and software.
    Existing Common Applications developed and supported by UAS:
    • Access Control System
    • Card Issuance Module
    • Integrated Biometric Time Attendance System
    • Event Attendance System
    • Barrier Gate System
    • SAGA Century Financial System
    • Fixed Asset Management System
    • Kaseya Helpdesk Management System
    • E-Payment Portal
    • E-Meeting System
    • E-Clinic
    • E-Faculty
  • Organizational Chart

  • FAQ

    How can i apply for event attendance service?
    You can apply through official letter addressed to Director, Information Technology Centre.

    How can i replace my damaged Matric card?
    Please visit Registrar Office to get your new Matric card.

    My fingerprint cant be detected by Time Attendance System. What should i do?
    Please visit Registrar Office or Information Technology Centre to change your fingerprint template.

    My room has Access Control System. How can i enroll my Matric card to access my room?
    Please contact En. Khairul Anuar b. Menhat for further information.