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Creative Multimedia Unit (UMK)

  • About Us

    Creative Multimedia Unit established on Disember 1994, it is one out ten unit in IT centre, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. This unit insist four stafs lead by Senior Assistant IT Officer FA32 (Mr Shahrizal bin Idris) and three senior Assistant IT Officer FA32 (Mr Muhamad Azmi Bin Ali & Mrs Noorasyikin binti Habidin & Mr Mohd Syafiq bin Kasimon). This unit is in charge in designing graphic and multimedia such as banner, bunting, icon, montaj, backdrop, sticker, bulletin and presentation slide.For your information our service is only designing graphic material, we do not offer printing service.

  • Function

    The main functions of this unit are :

    • Designing Banner (For Printing and Web Based)
    • Designing Bunting (For Printing and Web Based)
    • Designing Backdrop (For Printing and Web Based)
    • Slide Presentation
    • Designing Icon
    • Bulletin
    • Montaj
    • Sticker
  • Organizational Chart

  • FAQ

    How long will it takes to finish one job for any university program?
    It depends on how many design that we should do. Minimum duration is three days after submitting application.

    There is five staf in the unit how should I know which staf is in charge of my application?
    Our head of Unit Mr Lokman Hakin bin Jamil will inform who will in charge your application.

    What is Graphic and Multimedia services?
    Banner. Bunting, backdrop, icon, montaj, presentation slide.

    Do you do printing?
    No, we don’t provide printing service. It’s up to committee members of the program to do printing or outsource it.

    What if I am not satisfied with my final product?
    We believe in your complete satisfaction. We will continue to work with you to refine your design until you are completely happy; we offer 'unlimited' revisions on your design project within the confines set out in the original design brief. Many design firms speak of 100% client satisfaction, we are willing to stake our reputation on it. If you are not happy, then we are not happy. We trust our work will speak for itself and your satisfaction will be assured.

    Who needs our services?
    Anybody that need any help on designing graphic materials for any university program or any office needed.

    How do I communicate with my designer?
    Once we start the design process you can communicate with us in a variety of ways:
    - most conveniently, by email
    - by face to face(Our office is at Block C2)
    - by phone
    - by whatsapp
    - by email