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Data Center

  • Data Center

    Data Center

    Data center act as a coordinator for all manner of IT equipment and data to ensure everything is in the peak of it's condition in order to be utilize fully for day-to-day operation in a daily basis for a long period.

  • Data Center

    Data Unit

    Manage the data centre and server room. This unit is responsible for maintanence of the infrastructure in the server room / data centre to ensure it is in top condition. Databases are managed by Oracle. The purpose of this unit is to assure the database operate efficiently and stable. We integrate the production database for day-to-day operation in UTHM. Data unit handle the applications that are needed to access to the database. Our unit are in charge of performing backup regularly and perform backup data for applications (e.g Sistem Maklumat pelajar, Sistem Maklumat kakitangan, E-Learning Digital Repository, Email Staf UTHM and Kaseya) as well as administrate the server and webmail application for staff and students. Setting up the email account for staff and students.

    • Application for Staff Email = Gmail
    • Application for Student Email = Gmail
    Managing the private cloud storage application at UTHM is one of Data Unit duty. Data unit manage mail queue (In or Out) and ensure that staff email server domain is in While List state together with setting up ID and Password for staff and students.UTHM use Single Log-In authentication, which integrate with computerized applications i.e Email Staff, TCIS, SMAP that are handled by Data Unit.

    Server and Operation Unit

    Server and operation unit administrate the server, antivirus, time server for UTHM, server itinfo, digital certificate for HTTPS and desktop management system. This unit provides the necessary infrastructure for new server at the same time manage troubleshooting, maintenance and warranty support of the server. Update Antivirus version regularly is handled by unit. Routinely, the server and operation unit will ensure that the time on the DHCP and DNS servers in parallel with Time Server UTHM ( unit is in charge at publishing and posting articles related to ICT while ensuring all the UTHM web application implement the HTTPS certificate. This unit conduct ICT audit for hardware and software license and application renewal license monthly. Server and operation unit also provide information via email and pop-up.
  • Organizational Chart
  • 1. Reasons can't access your email account:

    • Forgot your password.
    • Maintenance mode.
    • Locked email.
    • Network error.
    • Wrong email address.

    2. How to apply for preparation of DNS?

    • Users must apply by letter or email or epeweb to the data center unit and the approval of the application is within 3 working days.

    3. How to access server room?

    • Users need to apply it by phone or letter or email and send it to the Information Technology Officer
    • The applicant must apply to the ICT Security officer and fill in the information in the log book.
    • The officer should follow the applicant while in the server room.

    4. How to apply for physical server placement (co-location service)?

    • Users need to apply it to the Data Center unit.
    • Attach along the server requirements, size of the servers, internet requirements, network requirements (LANs), socket power requirements and any related ones.

    5. How to request a Virtual Server (VM)?

    • Users need to apply to Data Center unit.
    • Attach along the server requirements and the size of server.

    6. How to monitor and restore the servers?

    • Server monitoring is performed by monitoring method through multiple systems in the Data Center unit.
    • Server updates are also performed periodically, at least once for every 3 months.
    • Managing the repairing server process in case there have any damage to the servers.

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