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Patch Files to Windows

If you are worried regarding the new ransomware that will infect your personnal computer through the "printer & file sharing" in your network, please follow the instructions below.

If you are users of the following operating system, do use the windows update facility from your computer.

Windows Server 2012,
Windows 10,
Windows Server 2012 R2,
Windows Server 2016

If you are users from the following operating systems, please download the following patch and apply it to your computer.

Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64,
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86,
Windows XP SP2 x64,
Windows XP SP3 x86,
Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86,
Windows 8 x86,
Windows 8 x64,
Windows Server 2008,
Windows 7 SP1 x86,
Windows Server 2008 R2,

Reference : https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/05/12/customer-guidance-for-wannacrypt-attacks/

Original article : http://itinfo.uthm.edu.my/patch-file-sharing/

How to reset dropdownlistbox in Powerbuilder

Anybody familiar with Powerbuilder? (PB). I'm one among the ancient PB programmer. My journey starts when assigned a project that use PB5 as a development tool. Until now, various version of  PB12 have been in my application developer Tool List. Here's my humble list of version that i have experienced :-

  1. PB5 (Sybase)
  2. PB8 (Sybase)
  3. PB10 (Sybase)
  4. PB12 (SAP/Sybase)

When look back at the list, i have been manipulating PB scripts and object until come to my mind....How in the world that I should reset a dropdownlistbox?. Have been searching around the net, but found no clue. Until I sat down for sometimes looking into my rusted logic and couples of trial and error, then i have found it!. Here's how :-


Yup, that's it...Thank you for reading.


SQL for a beginner

Select all from table and group


Your result should similar like below :-

Pusat IT 83
Pusat Koko 100
Klinik Universiti 60


5 Incredible Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier

5 Incredible Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier

Technology is intended to make our lives easier. While we can sometimes feel like throwing our computers out the window, or going on vacation just to get away from all the buzzing, beeping, and being too connected, ultimately technology gives us a wealth of opportunities to have more comfortable lives - even with lower carbon footprints.

Check out 5 incredible ways technology is helping us breathe easier and live smarter.

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