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How to reset dropdownlistbox in Powerbuilder

Anybody familiar with Powerbuilder? (PB). I'm one among the ancient PB programmer. My journey starts when assigned a project that use PB5 as a development tool. Until now, various version of  PB12 have been in my application developer Tool List. Here's my humble list of version that i have experienced :-

  1. PB5 (Sybase)
  2. PB8 (Sybase)
  3. PB10 (Sybase)
  4. PB12 (SAP/Sybase)

When look back at the list, i have been manipulating PB scripts and object until come to my mind....How in the world that I should reset a dropdownlistbox?. Have been searching around the net, but found no clue. Until I sat down for sometimes looking into my rusted logic and couples of trial and error, then i have found it!. Here's how :-


Yup, that's it...Thank you for reading.