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WhatsApp as ICT report channel

WhatsApp as ICT report channel

Basic need to lodge your report via WhatsApp is easy as finger snap. Mobile device with data or Wifi connection is a must. Detailing your report with images or videos is essential to gain fast solution and attention from our highly responsive technical staff.

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Since the introduction of WhatsApp as the most convenient apps to send messages and trendy to the community, UTHM's ICT Centre binds Business WhatsApp to the Helpdesk phone number to ease the students and staff to lodge ICT related report. It also ensures reports can be done around the clock. 

Beginning of 1st January 2020, WhatsApp has become an official channel of accepting ICT report by the Helpdesk. The report can be WhatsApp directly to the official Helpdesk number:  07-4537292 / 07- 4537295 or by clicking the link provided on the ICT Report Management System (ICTRMS) landing page. 

Leveraging from WhatsApp features, we might also attach images and videos to detail out ICT report made. So that on duty ICT Centre technical staff can solve the report accordingly and vast of timed saved.