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UTHM Wireless


 wireless tanda papan


Two wireless networks SSID are available at UTHM for staff and students; "UTHM" and "UTHM-Staff". The following information will assist you in determining which of these networks to use.


The wireless network SSID “UTHM” is available for staff and students. Each staff is allowed to use two devices at one time while for students only one device at one time. The authentication method is using the captive portal to secure the network. 


The wireless network SSID “UTHM-Staff" is available for staff only. Staf is allowed using two devices and the authentication method is using 802.1x networking protocols which are more secured. For this reason, we recommend the staff to use the "UTHM-Staff" for all UTHM business.

In order to connect to the "UTHM-Staff" network, installation and setup is required for most devices. See the manual guide for more information. 

Addition Information

Contact the ICT Help Desk for assistance when troubleshooting connectivity issues. For more information, contact the ICT Help Desk at 07-4537292 / 7295 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The wireless network was designed to meet the increased mobile access expectations of staff and students. We provided more wireless access point operating at higher connections speed.

Wireless network access is available in the following locations:

  • Sultan Ibrahim Hall
  • Tunku Mahkota Ismail Hall
  • Open Hall
  • Dataran Anggerik
  • Sultan Ibrahim Mosque
  • Tunku Tun Aminah Library
  • Cafeteria (Block C18)
  • Student Service Center (Block F03)
  • Lecture Complex (Block G03)
  • Lecture Building (Block B01)
  • Lecture Building (Block B02)  
  • Lecture Building (Block B08)
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Complex (Block G01)
  • Faculty of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Complex (Block G02)
  • Faculty of Management and Business
  • Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education
  • Faculty of Science, Technology & Human Development Building (Block B03)
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
  • Diploma Studies Building (Blok D07)
  • Lecturer Building (Block C08)
  • Lecturer Building (Block C15)
  • Lecturer Building  (Block C16)
  • Lecturer Building  (Block C17)
  • Lecturer Building (Block D01)
  • Lecturer Building (Block E05)
  • Lecturer Building (Block E06)
  • Academic Building (Block A4)  
  • Information Technology Center (Block A5)
  • Security Office Building (Block A6)
  • Bursary Office Building (Block B05)  
  • ICT Based Facilities Office Building (Block C01)
  • Laboratory Building (Block C10)
  • Language Laboratory (Block C13)
  • Energy Center Building (Block C19)
  • Administration Of Property Office Building (Block D09)
  • Student Affairs Office Building (Block D15)
  • University Health Center Building (Block D16)
  • Robotic Laboratory (Block E02)
  • Post-Graduate Room (Block E11)
  • Registrar Office Building (Block E16)
  • Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Laboratory (Block F01)
  • Academic Management Office Building (Block F02)
  • Electromagnetic Center Building (Block F04)
  • Nanotechnology Center Building (Block F05)
  • ORICC Building (Block G07)
  • Biodiesel (Block G09)
  • PALAPES Building  
  • SISPA Building
  • Development and Facility Management Office Building (Block S) 
  • Tun Syed Nasir Residential Collage
  • Tun Dr. Ismail Residential Collage
  • Tun Fatimah Residential Collage
  • Perwira Residential Collage
  • Taman Universiti Residential Collage
  • Principal / Fellow House
  • Guest House
  • Stadium (Block A8)
  • Swimming Pool (Block A10)
  • Badminton Hall (Block C04)
  • Marching Field
  • City Campus
  • Tanjung Laboh Campus