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User Satisfaction Feedback

As part of the ICT Reports Management System, each report that was made using the system, need to be given feedback on "User Satisfaction " in a level of Poor, Good, Very Good and Excellence rating. This rating feedback is necessary to ensure all issues are attended using the standard operating procedure outlined by the organization.

1. Access you ticket using URL of

Please sign in using your credentials :

  • Email Staff ID and Password
  • Students SMAP Online Userid and Password

aduanict ptm user satisfaction login


2. Once log in to the system,  user need to click the tickets number that need to be rated, you may have more than one ticket number.

aduanict ptm user satisfaction select ticket


 3. Once the ticket was selected, click on the button "Edit"

 aduanict ptm user satisfaction edit ticket


4. Choose the drop down button of "User Satisfaction" to rate, then click on the button "Update"

 aduanict ptm user satisfaction choose rating


5. User will now see that the ticket is now rated.

aduanict ptm user satisfaction rating done


6. Please don't forget to sign out. Thank you.

aduanict ptm user satisfaction sign out


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